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How to register

Who Can Register?

We have an open list and welcome requests for registration from patients living in, or moving to, the Practice area.

If you are a student moving to the area we do recommend that you register with a local GP.  This ensures that, should you need medical help, all your medical records are available.  Your home GP will still have a computer copy of your records up to the time of registering in Leeds.

How to Register

Download and complete both forms:

Registration Form

 Additional Information Form.

You can either scan these and email them back with some photo ID to, or bring them into the Practice with photo ID.  These forms are also available from Reception.

What happens to my medical record when I register?

When you register with us, we will initiate the process to transfer your records from your previous practice. The electronic record is transferred to us across a secure NHS data-sharing network and all practices aim to process such transfers within a maximum of 8 working days. The paper records are then transferred via Primary Care Services England (operated on behalf of NHS England by Capita) which can take longer. Primary Care Services England also look after the records of any patient not currently registered with a practice and the records of anyone who has died.

Once your records have been forwarded to us, a cached version of your electronic record is retained in your previous practice and classified as “inactive”. If anyone has a reason to access an inactive record, they are required to formally record that reason and this action is audited regularly to ensure that all access to inactive records is valid and appropriate. We may access this for clinical audit (measuring performance), serious incident reviews, or statutory report completion (e.g., for HM Coroner).

If you are a student returning home during the holidays, this means that you may register as a Temporary Patient with your previous practice and they will still hold all the previous data on you up until you left.

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