Laurel Bank Surgery

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Mission Statement

Laurel Bank Surgery is a General Medical Services (GMS) practice committed to delivering the highest standards of primary care with equality, dignity and respect to all of its 7000 patients.  We take a pro-active approach to the many changes of the NHS and General Practice, whilst remaining conscious of, and responsive to, the needs of our diverse practice population, and meeting the challenges of our significant migratory student population.

With a strong emphasis on patient safety, we have developed a blame-free reporting culture where risks in all areas, from prescribing to data protection, are identified, explored and mitigated.  Our GPs provide a link to other health and social care services, fostering good relationships and an open culture with these providers.

Training is at the heart of Laurel Bank and we aim to deliver the most knowledgeable, informed and effective patient care, consistently in line with current guidelines.  As a Training Practice, Laurel Bank passes on this ethos to its GP Trainees, university medical students, and trainee nurses, who in turn provide fresh perspectives.  Equally, the practice is committed to the development of its staff at all levels, realising the full potential of its team and nurturing the feelings of co-operation, mutual support and loyalty which forms the foundation of the practice.



  1. To deliver safe and appropriate care, including medication, to our patients in line with current guidelines.
  2. To actively seek out guidance for, and follow through on the implementation of, best clinical practice.
  3. To encourage patients to become instrumental in their own healthcare decisions, service choice and care plans.
  4. To treat all patients with dignity and respect and ensure they are treated appropriately to their needs.
  5. To nurture a blame-free reporting culture and continually seek out ways to improve the care we provide.
  6. To foster good relationships with other healthcare providers, the neighbourhood team and local practices.
  7. To provide appointments at times to suit all patient groups, with a choice of male and female GP.
  8. To ensure staff receive up to date, comprehensive training in all areas in which they practice, or in the administration support they provide.
  9. To maintain patient confidentiality at all times, and ensure all staff understand their responsibilities in both confidentiality issues and consent.
  10. To meet, or exceed, national Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) targets and those set by governing bodies.
  11. To provide a safe and supportive environment for its staff.