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Travel Vaccinations & Non-NHS services

The NHS does not pay for some of the services we provide, so patients are required to pay for Non-NHS services (reasons).  Non-NHS services include private sick notes, insurance forms, holiday cancellation forms, medical reports, fitness to travel certificates, private prescriptions, passport signing and some vaccination services.  Our fees are in line with BMA approved national guidelines.


This practice completes Camp America forms and letters to University FREE OF CHARGE.


Vaccination Price
Cholera £0
Diphtheria, Tetanus & Polio £0
Hepatitis A £0
Hepatitis A/Typhoid £0
Hepatitis A/B £34
Hepatitis B £34
Japanese Encephalitis £85

(£250/course of 3)

Meningitis ACWY £49
Rabies – single injection £55.00

(£160/course of 3)

Tick-Bourne Encephalitis £65
Typhoid £0
Yellow Fever

Duplicate Yellow Fever Certificates




Fees for non-NHS Services



Patient access to own health record FREE
Patient – copies of own health records FREE


Private sick note £16.00
Private prescription £16.00
Passport form & photograph SERVICE NO LONGER PROVIDED
Driving licence form & photograph £25.00
Holiday cancellation certificate £30.00
Freedom from infection certificate £25.00
Vaccination certificate £15.00
Fitness to attend state school certificate £25.00
Fitness to attend state school with medical £39.22
Fitness to travel certificate £35.00
Elderly driver fitness certificate (no medical) £55.00
School fees insurance form £35.00
Provident association claim form (e.g. BUPA/AXA/PPP) £30.00
Sickness/accident insurance benefit claim form £28.00
Sickness/accident short certificate without examination £28.00
Students – Camp America FREE
Ofsted (patient to pay) £37.00
Ofsted (Ofsted to pay) £87.50


Private blood tests (plus consultation fee) £28.00 minimum
Private ECG  (plus consultation fee) £20.00
Private consultation GP (10 mins) £45.00
Private patient fee for medical consultation per hour £234.00
Medical examination for employment with report for private company £175.50
Medical examination with report for private company £175.50
Report with no examination for private company £117.00
Medical examination for employment for local authority with report £100.50
Medical examination for employment for NHS with report £39.22
Medical examination for employment for government department with report £117.00
Report for government department without examination £78.25
LGV,PCV, taxi driver form/report (no medical) £90.00
LGV,PCV, taxi driver form/report with medical examination £145.00
Diver (PADI), racing driver fitness meical with certificate £110.00
Elderly driver fitness certificate with medical £70.00
Sports medical report £70.00


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