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Dementia Awareness

Laurel Bank Surgery is a member of the Leeds Dementia Action Alliance, part of a national action campaign to raise awareness of dementia and improve the quality of life for people living with, or caring for someone with, dementia.

Dementia Friends

Our staff are ‘Dementia Friends‘, having received awareness training and having pledged to take action, whether personal or professional, to make Leeds a better place for people living with dementia.


Memory Support Worker

Laurel Bank Surgery works with a Memory Support Worker, who describes her role below:

“The Memory Support Worker role involves supporting people with dementia and their families to access services in the community, find support groups and provide advice/signposting to other information such as legal matters and finances.  Referrals can be made from GPs, Memory Services, consultants, third sectors and individuals. The service is not time limited and can be dipped in and out of as patients wish.  I will be a named point of contact for them at any time they need support. There are 13 Memory Support Workers currently working within the West, South and East of Leeds all of which cover a number of GP practices within these areas.

The aim of this service is to prevent social isolation, overcome barriers and stigmas, promote living well with Dementia and living and good quality life. We also find that an improvement in communication between services helps make a better link for the person and also results in a quicker service.”

Dementia Friendly Communities 

Visit the Alzheimer’s Society website to learn more about Dementia Friendly Communities, a programme which facilitates the creation of dementia-friendly communities across the UK.  Everyone, from governments and health boards to the local corner shop and hairdresser, share part of the responsibility for ensuring that people with dementia feel understood, valued and able to contribute to their community.